Saturday, May 8, 2010

I ache with semi-senioritis

Sunnyside, Queens.
I think I found where I'll live this summer, in Sunnyside, Queens. It's been very difficult to find an apartment from New Haven because naturally I want to see the places in person, and the subletters would like to meet me, too. In this case, though, I was uncharacteristically forward because it seemed like the ideal arrangement -- a place all to myself, right next to the train I want, for the precise price I was looking for, and for more or less the dates I wanted. There may be a slight overlap in the last week, but I figure I can stay a week at the Yale Club or a friend's house or even my brother's place in Cornwall-on-Hudson. No big deal.

To make this happen I offered to send a deposit in good faith. I'm hoping to God, of course, that she doesn't betray me, cash the check and not give me the room ... but we're Facebook friends, so that's a modern-day form of reference, I think. I hope! I'm going to New York next weekend and will see the place and meet her then. I couldn't go this weekend because it's just too many hours of travel, and I am supposedly working on my final exam and project.

The motivation factor is quite low, I must say. I'm nearly finished with the take-home final due Sunday and am gulping a bit at how much needs to be done for a final group project due Tuesday. The fortunate thing, though, is that I will truly, honestly, be finished Tuesday. Then my friend Alex is coming in for a visit from Fort Worth, and he, his friend and I are going to go to the Catskills for a couple days, and then to New York. Hence my ability to see this apartment in Sunnyside.

It was stormy this morning and then suddenly turned beautiful, so it ended up being a good day to help Mike move into his new apartment. He, like almost everyone I know, only recently definitively secured a summer internship arrangement, but I'm happy to report that my friends seem to have made out like bandits, often getting what they'd been vying for all along (as did I). The road is long and winding, but it's reassuring to hit the target at which you aimed.

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