Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first day at work

The Associated Press Today was my first day at work at The AP. Most of the day was spent in orientation. There appear to be about 25 or so interns working out of the New York office, 10 of whom are business associates like me, the rest of whom are either technology or editorial interns. The other MBA students are in departments such as strategy, new product development, corporate communications and client content services. My department is global new media. A couple of the interns had backgrounds very similar to mine -- several years as a journalist, now pursuing an MBA. There's also a Harvard Law student interning with the general counsel. The technology and editorial interns were mostly undergrads. Everyone was cool.

The building is gorgeous. AP occupies the top three floors, and I'm on the top floor in the mezzanine. Pictured is my desk. One of the neatest things in the office is a tremendously nice gym, complete with a personal trainer, a nutritionist and someone who gives massages. There are also showers and lockers, and a basketball court. It's free for interns and open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. I hope I have time to take advantage! Another neat amenity was this sort of strange little room with a bed and a sink called the "quiet room," for people who need a nap or are having a migraine, I guess. I hope I do not have to take advantage of that, ever.

My supervisor, whom I'd spoken to on the phone but never met in person, was very nice. My many questions led to me taking home a substantial stack of reading material in advance of three afternoon conference calls. What I'm doing is to some extent confidential ... not that it's particularly sexy, but my supervisor did make a point of mentioning that I shouldn't be sharing much about it publicly. That may turn out to be good news, loyal reader.

That's about it! The commute wasn't complicated but was more arduous than I'd hoped. It took probably 45 minutes door-to-door, and both coming and going I was pretty sweaty upon my arrival. And it wasn't even a particularly hot day. I may have to explore the bus system so that I don't always arrive at work a stinky disaster. That ain't professional.

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  1. I can't believe little John is a grown man living in Manhattan and working for the AP! I am SO beyond thrilled. Squeeze every ounce of knowledge, experience, and fun out of the whole experience as humanly possible. Make lots of contacts and connections and put yourself out there! Love what you do and put 100% in. YYAAAYY!