Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost finale to make my day/life

Rice Krispie Treats Could there be a better time to make Rice Krispie Treats than for the series finale of Lost this evening? I think not, and so they were made. I'd never made them before and am not sure why it occurred to me to do so today, but I'm meeting with my regular Losties for tonight's highly anticipated viewing, and my pot-lock assignment was dessert. So here they are.

They're so simple. You don't even need an oven. You literally melt butter in a big saucepan, add marshmallows, melt them into a goo, add Rice Krispies, stir it all together, spoon the sticky glop into a 9-by-13 dish, spread it out, let it cool, and slice them up. No wonder they are popular.

If you're thinking of tuning into the finale but haven't been following the show, here's a minute-long recap starring cats that should get you up to speed.

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