Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost, then sloshed

Fellow fans of 'Lost.'Yesterday, I had a board meeting for CABO, followed by a networking event at the Holiday Inn. The focus was on the arts, and I re-realized that New Haven is at its best over the summer. So many great festivals -- the Festival of Arts & Ideas, the Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and Concerts on The Green, which seems to need either its own website or some SEO help. But, of course, I will be missing out on all that to be in New York, where there are also a few things to do in the summertime.

After the Holiday Inn, I convened with my fellow Losties, pictured above, to watch the penultimate episode. What an incredible show. I wonder what it would be like to have never seen the show, but to watch the finale nevertheless. Very confusing, probably. That's what I did with "Seinfeld" -- the first episode I ever saw (in full, at least) was the series finale. I didn't crack a smile. But I digress. I'm on the edge of my seat for Sunday's 2 ½-hour "Lost" finale. It'll be sad, though. I'll have nothing televised to look forward to. And I refuse to become invested in another serial. What'll I do, read? Psshhht.

BAR in New Haven.After "Lost," I went out with three second-year gays, who in a few days will be Yale SOM alumni, which I suppose will make me a second-year gay. We went to BAR, which embraces gays on Tuesdays, not that they kick them out the other six days. The evening made me reflect on the power of dance. I speculate that dancing as we know it today grew from formal dancing, with live music, that was probably a rare opportunity for men and women to touch each other and observe each other's body movements. Back in the day, that was very exciting, I'm sure. Then somehow that evolved into the discos of the 1970s, I suppose, and that's more or less the way they still are today. I dunno. Even after a few drinks, I find dancing kind of tedious and goofy. But some people just love to dance, and I'm very happy for them. I'll be standing off the side, looking fetching, cocktail in hand, taking sorta cool photographs.

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