Sunday, May 16, 2010

There's no town like China Town

China Town tea Inelegant translations and all, China Town charms visitors with its festive mix of shopping, dining and otherworldly aromas. You can buy, for example, ginger tea; and if you love solving puzzles, you can even follow the brewing directions.

We ate at a *fantastic* restaurant called Dim Sum Go-Go. Here's a picture.

Lunch at Dim Sum Go-GoEverything was so delicious I couldn't tolerate it. We ate every morsel. And as you can see if you study this photo carefully, other patrons were so enthusiastic they shoved chopsticks up one another's noses.

One of the many activities in which we participated after lunch was to drop in on a photo exhibit in SoHo at which my friend Alex's friend Prentice's husband Ray's friend Igor was featured. There I saw photo from 9/11 of rubble and firemen surrounding an incredibly familiar looking sculpture. It was Roy Lichtenstein's Modern Head, one of which is now at Yale, right next to the business school I've been attending every day of my life. I still don't really understand why there's more than one, but it seems from a brief Googling that there is (or was) a blue one in D.C., a red one in New York and our silver-ish one in New Haven. Feel free to do some research on your own.

And so my trip to New York ends; I'm about to brave the drive back. Driving in the city is not relaxing, but getting out on a Sunday afternoon shouldn't be too chaotic, I'm told.

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