Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mishemokwa made fine-quality tees

John, with a high-quality CIT shirt.I'm on summer vacation. That hasn't happened in nine years. My favorite summers were not the ones in college, though -- well actually maybe they were. Those were pretty great, really. But I also loved my summers even longer ago, when I was a camper and then a CIT at Camp Mishemokwa in Bat Cave, N.C.

As you can see, I still have proof that this was a real place and something I did; or, I at least have proof I can doctor up T-shirts to correspond with invented stories of my past to throw people off. In this case, though, I genuinely did attend this camp, for six consecutive summers. I must say, they made awfully sturdy and durable T-shirts. This one basically looks as good as new, and it's most certainly not. It's at least 16 years old, maybe 17. That's outrageous. But I can't believe what good shape it's in -- no wear or discoloration around the collar, no trace of holes or strain, not even any pit stains. Either this is one high-quality shirt, or it's a shirt I never wear. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

If MBA candidates weren't supposed to have serious businessy internships over the summer, I'd definitely have gone back to Mishemokwa as a counselor. Well maybe definitely is the wrong word ... What am I, 19? Regardless, that's not a choice on the table for me, because the camp no longer exists. It's changed hands several times in the past 10 years or so. It is now a "private vacation rental" ... wonder how that's going. When you visit their web site, please be sure your volume is on!

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