Friday, May 28, 2010


Dave Holub sings karaoke. An afternoon barbecuing and drinking beer with my friend Dave turned into a sudden urge to do karaoke, which we and our friends were famous for when we lived in Corpus Christi eons ago. Our 2010 recapitulation was fun, but of course it wasn't the same as back in the day.

In said day, we were such regulars that when we'd walk in, the waiter would bring us our preferred drinks before we'd ordered, and even bring out an ash tray with some fresh delightful cigarettes. This was back when you could smoke in bars ... 2003. A lifetime ago.

The place we went to relive the glory days was Time Out Sports Bar in Manchester.


1. Enjoyable drink specials. $3 wells and $4 shots.

2. A great selection of songs. Almost anything I could think of was in that book.

3. A few talented patrons.


1. Worst/dumbest karaoke setup ever. Reading the monitor with lyrics required turning your back to the audience.

2. An only mildly attentive audience.

3. A few untalented (tone deaf) patrons.

I sang "Back At One" by Brian McKnight, "Fat Lip" by Sum 41, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and a duet with Dave, "Tell Him" by Barbra & Celine. I also tried to do "I'm Your Baby Tonight" by Whitney Houston, but at that point I'd had one too many. A good rule of thumb is: Whenever you think you're doing your last song, just don't do it. You've already overstayed your welcome.

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