Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The whoops that ate my day

A screen grab I'm probably not allowed to have taken from the accounting module.
This is a good opportunity to talk about the summertime coursework Yale SOM requires of its incoming first-year students, since I spent today up to my neck in it, even though I thought I had finished it all several weeks ago.

First, though, I should give a shout-out to yesterday, my most social day in New Haven yet, which is to say I interacted with people who were not selling me things. I met up with an old, long-ago friend from high school, Emily, and her girlfriend Amanda at a coffee shop called "Koffee? On Audubon" [cq]. They both just finished at the law school and are about to move to D.C., but they showered me with New Haven knowledge. Then in the evening I met up with two guys from my class at SOM and another guy from the forestry/environmental school, and we tried out two bars: Anna Liffey's and Geronimo. Fun times and nice conversation were had; we all had pretty different stories. I'm certain I had never before had a Belgian-style beer in an Irish bar in Connecticut with a Peruvian, an Uzbek and a chemical engineer from Atlanta.

Now to today. Every incoming SOM student is required to do the same summer work, which includes (but is not limited to) two online "modules" (mini-courses) in financial accounting and spreadsheet modeling, neither of which I was the least bit familiar with, and therefore both of which were very useful (and at times confusing, I won't lie). Being a conscientious fellow, I finished both pretty well in advance. But last night I got an e-mail that I had not actually completed one of them. The details are boring, but basically I had to redo the accounting module today. Although I would rather have been doing something else, it was a useful (perhaps even necessary) refresher. But my butt hurts from eight consecutive hours on the floor. Furniture arrives Friday. :-)

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