Saturday, August 29, 2009

5 Pub Golf Pictures

Last night I participated in more than half of what the kids these days call "pub golf," which entailed neither pubs nor golf. To play, one wolfs down predetermined libations in as few sips as possible over a series of nine holes (apartments, in this instance). By Hole Five, the environment had grown too cacophonous for this serious-minded business school student, and my dear friend Mike and I sauntered away to do our own thing.

Here are some of the pictures I took. I managed yet again to not end up in any. If I'm in any pictures that end up on Facebook, I will redirect them here, because I was kind of proud of my ensemble.

Pub GolfThe rules are explained at Hole One. The drink: punch. My score: hole in one. The gentleman explaining the rules is a wonderful fellow named Ethan, a fellow Duke alumnus, and thus someone who understands how to drink.

Pub GolfHole Two. The drink: Jello shots. Another hole in one for ol' John, although I'm not sure how to consume a Jello shot any other way.

Pub GolfHole Three. The drink: Greyhounds (vodka w/ grapefruit juice). My score: 2. The grapefruit juice was simply too much ... I think the vodka actually made it easier to chug.

Pub Golf

Hole Five. I guess I forgot to take a picture of Four. And this is where I become grateful I did not volunteer my apartment for this ...

Mike at J.P. Dempsey's

The Nineteenth Hole. Back in my days growing up as a spoiled, pampered country club kid, we would eat in the Nineteenth Hole, which as the name implies is a dining room and bar for those who have finished 18 holes of golf. I never completed that prerequisite but nevertheless managed to have cheeseburgers there. In this case, Mike's and my "nineteenth hole" was J.P. Dempsey's, where we had nachos and beer.

All in all, a great evening, and one I think was well-deserved. I worked hard this week and stuff!

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