Sunday, August 9, 2009

A casual day with family? Why, I never.

My nephews.Before today, I don't think I'd ever had the occasion to just drop in on any member of my family, spend the day and leave after dinner. That's because ever since the day I left for college 12 years ago, I've lived nowhere remotely near anyone in my family.

But as of a week ago, I finally live near someone in my family -- my brother, his wife and their two kids, who are 5 and 3. So today I drove there for a visit. It's less than two hours away, and a scenic, easy drive. It was really fun, and not just because they have a pool and fed me well, but because my nephews are a hoot, and I'm excited to get to see them more often. Till now, each time I've seen them has been almost like being introduced to new people -- now this one can talk, and the other can walk, or this one now has a personality, etc. Now I can build something resembling a relationship. Who'd have thunk?

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  1. thanks for keeping the blog, John Powell. One of these days, I'll pick up the phone and call you, but until then, this is better than letting our friendship wither until it's too late to call because it'd just be awkward. hugs.