Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still sick and hot, but trying to attack life

Glorious New Haven, Connecticut.

My computer computes on, despite the beef lo mein incident ... just a couple sticky arrow keys. Today was tragedy free, although I remain ever so sick.

Behold glorious New Haven! I shot this during one of my orientation events today, a bus tour, and it didn't turn out too badly for a cellphone photo. This is from a high-altitude spot known as East Rock, which is also the name of my 'hood, although I don't have this view. Isn't it grand? Off in the distance, you could see New Haven Harbor and, beyond it, the Long Island Sound if it were a clearer day. Going to the beach is on my ever-growing list.

I keep being impressed by how nice and down-to-earth my classmates seem to be, and with quite varied careers -- government, education, the military, banks, theater, public television, the Peace Corps ... even a couple other newspaper writers, although neither appears interested in staying in media after graduating. They're probably both smarter than I am.

I was lucky enough to meet a fellow Class of 2011 homosexual today, who had some insider knowledge that apparently we are the only two people in the class (of 223-226 ... I keep hearing different numbers) who identified ourselves as gay on our applications. Surely there must be more; guess we'll find out when the Q+ Gay/Straight Alliance meets. There are also some gay boys in the Class of 2010, none of whom I've met. And word on the street is that they are pretty common in the law school.

I was also lucky enough to meet a fellow Class of 2011 Texan -- a girl in my cohort who was in the Army and stationed in Killeen, which is between Waco and Austin. How much do I miss Texas? Top five things: my friends, my job, relatively inexpensive goods, lenient parking rules, and air conditioning.

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