Saturday, August 1, 2009

Road Trip Day 2: I Heart Virginia

Scenic Virginia, in the United States.Greetings from a beautiful Best Western in Morristown, New Jersey. Yes, I made it quite far today ... roughly 900 more miles, leaving me with a nice short trip into New Haven tomorrow. Today's drive took me through several states -- Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia (briefly), Maryland (briefly), Pennsylvania* and New Jersey. The most beautiful was Virginia, and the above picture (taken on I-81) doesn't do the full 360-degree view justice.

EdelweissMaking Virginia even more spectacular was a little German restaurant in Staunton that I like to call Edelweiss, since that's its name. This place was really something -- live accordian music, waitresses in lederhosen, a fantastic feast of beef stroganoff (the special) with spatzel, cabbage and green beans ... and one of the best desserts I've had, ever! An apple crumb something-or-other. All the desserts are made in house by a German lady.

It's fun to eat at a restaurant by yourself sometimes. This was such a relaxing experience ... I sat outside, overlooking the lush trees, in a perfect climate, surrounded by the overpowering aroma of fresh flowers. It made me want to move to Virgnia, or spend more time there at least. Granted Edelweiss was more expensive than the Subway across the street, but come on.

I was so excited to get to a hotel to share what a wonderful day of driving I had, but then relatively severe inconvenience struck. I decided at about 11 o'clock it was time to turn in ... and yet you'll notice from the time stamp on this blog that I didn't end up in a hotel room until after 2. Long story short, I had trouble finding a vacant hotel room. Special thanks to my favorite guy for hopping online to do a little digging for me.

And with that, it's time for a well-earned four hours of sleep. (Gotta get that apartment key before noon, you see.) Gnite.

*smells like horse manure


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  2. I'm so glad you had an easier driving day. You're only about 2 hours from New Haven!

    Western Virginia is beautiful. I want to eat at Edelweiss too. Maybe I'll just stay in Virginia now, thanks. :)

    *Sorry, about the deleted comment above. I changed my profile name, and wanted to see if it worked.*

  3. John Powell, Texas has been crying ever since you left. I don't think the Lone Star State is ready to hear about your dalliances with every colony in the original Republic. Come on, have a heart -- and some discretion.