Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Park spelled backwards is ...

Washington Square ParkAfter work, I met up for dinner with one of my besties from high school, Heidi, in the West Village. I had a bit of time to kill there, so using my handy iPhone map, I noted that the restaurant, La Palapa, was near Washington Square Park. When I walked up, I noticed something a little off-putting about the park. Maybe it was the chain-link fence, orange construction barrels and lack of both grass and people? Then I went one more block and saw that the second half of the park is not under construction, and I sat there for a bit and made important phone calls, like to my nephew who turned 4 today.

New York is full of musicians everywhere you go. Sax players, drummers, bassists, whatchacallitsers. They perform for passers-by. I'd join them in their unsolicited performances if my instrument of choice were portable. Music adds a nice flavor to the city, though. It makes the people come together.

Work is going well. I think my projects are interesting and relatively important, and that my input is being valued so far.

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