Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can't escape tea & ade

Honest Ade Everyone at Yale SOM knows of Honest Tea and its offshoot, Honest Ade, because it's a bottled beverage company founded by an SOM student and a professor who co-instructs two of our core first-year classes. Thus we are not only familiar with the drink as an SOM success story, but because we read about it in case form and get a behind-the-scenes look at how the business got started. (Long story short: Bottled tea is vile and doesn't taste like tea, so they brewed tea and put it in a bottle, and it was a lot tastier and better for you.) While on a break today I explored the store at the base of my building only to find two refrigerated shelves of the stuff. I like it, personally, and I like to buy it as a show of solidarity and school pride. Do pick some up if you see it.

After work, I returned to Houndstooth with a couple coworkers before meeting up with my classmate/friend Lizzie at Pearl Oyster Bar in the West Village, a crowded little place with delicious food. We had an after-dinner drink at a bar I don't remember the name of, but I had a gin cosmo that was $12. New York, I tell ya!

Today at work I turned in a report I've been toiling away at for more than two weeks. It ended up at 16 pages, including tables and a graph. I have to say I was pretty pleased with it, but I'm anxious to see if my supervisors find it useful. I put a lot of thought into it and think it's well-written, and I did a whole lot of research, but it's on the abstract side. ("Considering A, B and C are perhaps happening or will happen, the Associated Press should consider X, Y or possibly Z, to the extent that B is determined to be related to either X or Y, and of course contingent on various unknowns, such as D, E and F, which we can look at in three ways ...") More like that. Less like: "Do X."

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