Saturday, June 19, 2010


Kristin and her friends enjoyed a picnic and have legs. I had no plans for Friday night until my friend Kristin suggested I join her and her friends for a concert at Grand Central and then a picnic in Central Park. The concert was full, so we just picnicked, then dropped into a bar's grand opening. It was not grand, but it was pleasant. I think it was called City 55 ... something with 55.

The picnic was delicious, and Central Park is a beautiful, serene escape from the city. A couple bottles of wine (which I'm not sure was legal of us to consume, but whatevs), some cheese, bread, chicken salad, hummus, strawberries, corn salsa, cherry-chili chocolate. We had more than enough.

One of the neat things about two of Kristin's friends is that they design handbags and accessories for a living. One designs sunglasses for a company as a full-time job and has a handbag business on the side; another just has her own handbag-and-accessories line. My instinct, not being from New York, is to assume that when someone answers the question "So what do you do?" with "I design handbags," that the person is lying ... they must really wait tables or work in an office or something, and dabble in handbags on the side, right? Not in New York, I guess. And that is why artistic people journey up here from all corners of the globe to make it.

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