Sunday, June 6, 2010

MoMA, Coney Island, Brooklyn Museum, party

Australia by David Smith
It was Saturday.

Rasanah and I awoke and had breakfast at the diner below my apartment. Then we headed out to the Museum of Modern Art, aka MoMA, to spend a fantastic couple of hours soaking in furniture, photographs, paintings and sculpture. I particularly enjoyed the photographs, although I felt uncomfortable taking pictures of other people's pictures, even though there didn't seem to be a rule against it. Instead, I took photos of pieces like Australia by David Smith, pictured above. Having spent a few weeks Down Under in March, I naturally recognized immediately the depiction of a leaping kangaroo. Well, not immediately ... more like after reading the description. But then it was clear.

But MoMA isn't just about visual art; it's also about aural art. Observe Days by Bruce Nauman:

My frustration in the video is not genuine -- it was actually a pretty cool exhibit, and hard to forget, which is, I think, a worthwhile accomplishment for art.

Suzanne shoots a freak.After the museum, we went to Coney Island to celebrate the 30th birthday of my friend and future roommate Suzanne. I'd never been, but it was pretty close to what I expected -- old-time rides and games, with snacks and people parking by the beach and hanging out on a pier. The group had hot dogs at Nathan's Famous. In New York, (some?) restaurants are required to divulge calories, which is not assuring information at a place that touts its chili cheese fries, hot dogs and giant beers. I totally ate those things anyway. Suzanne shot a freak at the Shoot The Freak booth, pictured at left.

After Coney Island, we went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, where they have a later-hour party on the first Saturday of the month, with drinks and a DJ and so forth. Plus all the exhibits are open. I really enjoyed the 19th and 20th century fashion display on the fourth floor:

Fashions at the Brooklyn Museum of Art And, finally, we went to a house party near the museum. A long but wonderful New Yorky day. Now we're off to brunch to meet up with one of my friends from Dallas who happens to be in town. I just feel like there's no limit* to what I can do in the Big Apple!

*Please send money.

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Coney Island, I love pleasure piers and old-time amusement. Sounds like jolly good fun!