Sunday, June 20, 2010

Upright Citizens Brigade

People are excited to be in line to see the Upright Citizens Brigade On Saturday night, my friend Dave came into town from Hartford, and we enjoyed a delightful cheeseburger followed by unnecessary pie followed by improv comedy courtesy of the Upright Citizens Brigade.

You might recognize the Upright Citizens Brigade because several SNL cast members sharpened their skills there. Friday night's ensemble included a face familiar to those who watch 30 Rock -- Scott Adsit. It was at times very funny, and a good value for $10. Maybe I saw a future star. I predict big things for Zach Woods.

Improv is hard. I tried out for a troupe back at UNC and made callbacks, but I'm more of a dry, sit-on-the-sidelines kind of guy, not a bounce-around, embody-lots-of-wacky-characters kind of guy. At the callbacks I got some laughs, but when I sat down after a scene, I saw one of the current members taking notes on the performances, and next to my name were the words "no energy."

Anyway, I gotta go to brunch. Then nap. Cuz I have no energy, see.

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