Thursday, June 24, 2010

Methinks the Yale Club's not stuffy

Elis participate in a traditional Mory's cup-drinking exhibition. My friend Carolyn is doing marketing for Mory's over the summer. Mory's is a private dining club in New Haven for Yale alumni. Tonight, Mory's piggy-backed on the regular Thursday evening happy hours at the Yale Club, which is near Grand Central. I am officially, as of this week, a member.

When I thought of the Yale Club, I thought of older people sipping on cocktails reminiscing. Think of this clip of the New Yorker from Family Guy. But no, no, no. A thousand times no. It was packed with loud young people, living it up. I felt old.

One of the features of the evening -- in addition to the array of free food -- was $40 chalices of colorful cocktails, passed around from drunkard to drunkard. By the rules, the person who finishes it off is to spin the container around his head as other people sing a song, and then he puts it face down on the table. If anything drips from it, he "loses." The photograph above depicts the part with the head. I wouldn't want to do that, for fear I'd get stickiness in my hair or stains on the shoulders of my shirt.

Anyway, I'm glad to be a member of the club. This Tuesday is an event for LGBT alumni, in honor of Pride Month. I am also going to be attending my first NYC Pride Parade this Sunday. Yay gay!

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