Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Will Soledad and I finally be together?

A super cool thing about going to this school is that loads and loads of interesting and wonderful speakers come to campus. Not that I have time for that kind of thing, but it's nice that they're here. Several weeks ago I was looking forward to seeing Tom Brokaw, but it conflicted with a Dean's Tea I had committed to. So no dice.

As part of that same series, Soledad O'Brien will be speaking tonight. Being a woman of indeterminable heritage, it goes without saying that she will be speaking about diversity. I'm intending to be attending.

Soledad and I are practically BFF, considering I know two of her colleagues intimately. You may recall that last August I spent quality time with Anderson Cooper. I also was well-acquainted (friends, even) with rising CNN talent Brooke Baldwin, back at UNC. Oh, and I myself used to write movie reviews for CNN's Web site. So when it comes to Soledad O'Brien (or So-O, as I call her) I'm connected like a killer to a crime scene.

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