Monday, November 9, 2009


Media is changing, as this video clearly demonstrates. That's part of why I went back to business school after years in the newspaper industry -- to save democracy. (Here's the other reason.)

Hence I'm salivating like Pavlov's dog about this weekend's journalism and new media conference here at Yale Law School! The conference is called "Who Will Pay the Messengers," and it's about four main questions about the future: How are people going to get news, what will become of "legacy" media, what'll become of professional journalists, and how will people who do journalism get paid? Come Saturday night, all my burning questions will be answered. At least, I hope they're questions.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated subject, I really like my Investor class! I did the first homework assignment tonight and was patting myself on the back, not only to admire my ripped triceps in the Webcam, but because I already feel so smart about stocks and stuff. Soon I'll be equipped to play the market, which will enable me to take a low-paying, do-gooder job to help society whilst still earning just enough money to live comfortably.


  1. Your webcam post elicited my first real smile today. Thank you. XO,TDK