Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've decided not to have an abortion

An anti-abortion sign near Yale, Nov. 10, 2009 Here's something you don't see every day -- an anti-abortion/pro-life sign near Yale's campus. I passed this on my way home from school today.

Politics aside, this is a reasonably effective campaign, although as a homosexual man I am probably not the target audience. I will say, also, that there's an extent to which the logic behind this sign is either flawed or, at least, not universal. A picture of a pile of human feces, for example, does not convince me I shouldn't eat solid food, even though the picture may be repulsive.

But, point taken. And kudos to people for speaking up about their beliefs. I cropped the above photo to focus on the sign, but here's the whole image:

Some individuals stand up for their beliefs. Good for them.Some people, like my father, assume that Yale is a disgusting breeding ground for liberal propaganda. I have not necessarily found that to be the case, especially at the business school. In fact we focus quite a bit of attention on how disruptive the government is when it comes to economic efficiency. But I will say that I've gotten a sense that to the extent that people in my class assume that most of their peers hold a political view, that view is left-leaning. But I have also met Republicans and people who lean libertarian.

I am simply making observations. I'm not going to discuss my politics, because that's outside the realm of "Journalist pursues MBA, blogs."

Tonight I will be giving a five-minute speech on my "commitment statement," which outlines my commitments to purpose, self, others and legacy. That's a lot to cover in five minutes, so I'll be focusing on purpose and self. The gist of my commitment statement is that I am concerned that people in American towns and cities will become more disconnected and ill-informed if they cannot access reliable news, and that this ties directly to my own commitment to myself, which is to try to be connected and informed. I stand behind my commitment statement. We'll see how it flies.

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