Thursday, November 12, 2009

How black holes are created

Janice, looking at this blog Here is a photo I took of my friend and classmate Janice, looking at a picture from this very blog. It really wasn't until today that I sort of realized I hadn't made much mention to anyone at SOM that I'm doing this ... partly because I assumed nobody would care, and perhaps partly because it seems a little "LOOK AT ME"-ish. But, that said, if there are any SOM people reading this, I'm thrilled you are here.

As soon as I publish this picture, I expect the planet to fold into itself. If it doesn't, then I can only assume that it will do so if and when Janice returns to this blog and sees a picture of herself looking at the blog at an earlier time. Even more doom may transpire if she clicks here.

And if you look at this picture extraordinarily carefully, you'll see I'm in it twice. But, man, you've gotta look awfully close.

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