Friday, November 6, 2009

More work? Sign me up!

SmartBikeDC was the subject of the case competition.
Tonight I participated in the First Year Case Competition, which I had never before mentioned because I had not decided to do it till today. For weeks (maybe months), my class has been politely bombarded with e-mails about this contest, for which groups of four all work on the same case, turn in PowerPoint decks and then possibly advance to another round the next morning and give a presentation. The case was about SmartBikeDC.

I did not sign up for a few reasons. (1) I'm busy. (The very true counter to that argument is that everybody else who competes is just as busy as I am, but then again I didn't raise them.) (2) The focus was to be on eco-friendly environmentalism, which, while I think is great and all, is not my area of interest per se, and (3) This is basically practice for consulting work, and I don't think that's what I want to do. So, thanks but no thanks.

But as the days and weeks wore on, it seemed like almost everybody was gearing up for this thing. So when we all received an e-mail today offering to accommodate last-minute additions, I said, "What the hell?" Maybe that question should have ended with "was I thinking."

The work itself was more stressful than fun, I must say. I liked my group and all, but it didn't feel much different from doing the kind of work we've been doing already ... Really, it's practically inexcusable that after one of the most academically stressful weeks of my life, I volunteered at the last minute for what ended up being probably the highest-stress situation of all.

Anyway, it's over now. I would be flabbergasted if we advanced, but I think they release that info at 1 or so. For now, however, I have to go to bed -- got a marketing conference starting at 9 tomorrow.

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