Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally, a real use of a real skill set!!!

Let's edit a video. I need to mention how excited I am that I finally get to be the person in a group with relative expertise. Last week I talked about doing a mock negotiation that was taped. Half the class had to edit those videos. This week, my mock negotiation was not taped, so I (along with two other guys) have to edit another team's video.

You can imagine my delight! Finally I get to be the one in the group who is useful in a technical, execution sense. I like being that person; that's why last night I went to the PowerPoint training. I think it's often understated how important computer skills are in school. The people who really know Excel, Stata, PowerPoint and so on can contribute on such a more substantial level, and do so quickly. Granted this is a one-shot deal -- I may never edit another video while I'm here -- but I'm happy to be in familiar waters for a change.


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