Sunday, November 8, 2009

Business Week says I might land a job

Because me want job someday, I'm psyched SOM was recently ranked No. 1 by Business Week for Best (or Least Worst) MBA job placement.

Here's the ranking. You can see the whole list by clicking through using the arrows above the main photos on the right. (#2 is Wash U, #3 Harvard, #4 Stanford, #5 MIT.) You can also read a story about the not-so-hot job market here.

In other news, this was Explore Diversity Weekend. To contribute a dash of 'mo, I attended a luncheon today and spoke to some prospective students. I also did homework, and laundry, and grocery shopping, and made a smoked salmon platter for me and Mike. There is no point to that story -- just recounting the day.

And while we're at it, yesterday, I finally ate at Mamouns, a justifiably endorsed eatery appreciated by 100% of the roommates I surveyed in my apartment. I also saw Where the Wild Things Are (2 1/2 stars) and celebrated some classmates' birthdays at a black-and-white themed party, to which I wore both black and white. And I cleaned my room. Boy, I had a productive weekend!

And so go the days of my life ... productive and fun.

1 comment:

  1. Productive + Fun = YAY!!!!

    Where the Wild Things Are did look kind of lame in previews. Just about everyone I know was salivating over it. Meanwhile, pass the chips.