Saturday, November 21, 2009

Morning beer sparks interest in football

Today was The Game. Football, that is. Yale vs. Harvard. Yale was winning 10-0 when I decided to beat the traffic and go home. Turns out Harvard then came back and won 14-10. My bad!

Prior to the game were innumerable tailgate parties, including one for SOMers. People started drinking beer early. I wasn't among them because I had a late drunky night, but I did show up in time to pick off some edible remnants of a buffet. It's always a pleasure to see friends and classmates outside the physical structure of our school, out in the sunshine, away from stress and so forth.

It was fun!

This is now my second football game this year, and that's not bad for somebody who's only been to four football games. I prefer hockey, which is handy because SOM is next door to Ingalls Rink, also known as The Whale. Have I been there for a game yet? No, but I will, by employing this schedule.

Last night, I shook my little toosh on the dancefloor and subjected the whole crowd to my inspiring requests. It goes without saying that I was a dance major back in college. Well, no. I took modern dance and loved it and was successful, and wondered whether I could in fact major in it despite having no skills, but I decided to do journalism instead. But that's basically majoring in something. The point is that whenever I bring my moves to the floor, jaws drop. As if they were hot, even.

Skipping to another topic, one thing that's a little hard to adjust to in New Haven, or I suppose the North in general, is how freakin' early it gets dark! I'll think, "Hmm, dark out there. Probably should start getting ready for bed." Then I'll look at the clock and note that the time is half-past 4. Then I will think, "Oh, right ... I haven't even had dinner. Why's it gotta be so dark?" It's a little depressing, actually. But nothing snaps me out of my depression like "Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Version."

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