Friday, October 2, 2009

SOM needs an auditorium!

Kroon Auditorium I mean it when I say there's not much to complain about at SOM. It's a great school. Some people are down about the facilities, but I usually come to our school's defense. Sure we have chalk boards, and the hallways get a little jammed between classes, and the bathrooms are tiny, and ... well, I'll stop there. But, you know, get over it ...

But one thing that has been a consistent problem has been that our school does not have a venue that seats all the students at once. Thus, when we've had a class-wide meeting or presentation, we've always had to hike to another school and use its auditorium. Today, we had a resume workshop (which also covered interview tips and cover letters), and we had it at the Forestry and Environmental Sciences School. As you can see, beautiful. Gorgeous! And apparently, unsurprisingly, green. In the bathroom, there was a toilet, which is no surprise, and above it was a sign explaining that for liquid waste, you should flush it by pulling the handle up, and for solid waste, you should flush by pushing down, because they activate flushes that use different amounts of water. I suppose this will save the Earth?

Anyway, Yale is constructing what promises to be a beautiful new building for SOM, supposedly ready around 2013. After seeing this other building, I'll say it's needed ... a first-class facility for a first-rate school.

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