Sunday, October 4, 2009

Check Providence off the list

TrinityYesterday I went to Providence, but not Boston. That was my compromise. In a previous blog I mentioned my original plan, to do Providence on Saturday and Boston on Sunday; then I expressed concern that I would get too far behind on work. But I do not want to be setting precedAliyahents, even in the core, of choosing work over friends, because if that becomes my tradeoff now, when will it ever end? So Providence it was, and I'll do Boston another time.

The child you see at top is Trinity, second daughter of my college friend Stephanie (below). The first daughter is the lovely Aliyah, at left. It was not only fun to see Stephanie and her husband, and meet their children, but especially nifty to see where they live, which is next door to the house Stephanie grew up in. Stephanie's parents still live in that house, and now Stephanie and her husband, Shane, live in the house Shane grew up in. And there are other relatives and family friends on the street. A far cry from my family, which has been scattered around these United States for 20 years.

So I am gracing Northeastern cities with my presence one a time. And now, it is time to work.


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  1. Aw, the kiddies are so cute :) It's so odd to me when I see people my age having children, then I realize I'm, like, old and schtuff. Even my cat is 11! I'm not the spring chicken I think I am (peep) but I still feel in no way ready to raise a child. I really respect people that do and anytime I feel motherly I can always borrow someone elses kid ;p