Friday, October 9, 2009

Far-Too-Happy Hour

Every Thursday night, SOM has a happy hour, recently rebranded as Closing Bell. And each is sponsored by a different student club. Last night's was put on by Q+ Gay/Straight Alliance, of which I am a member, seeing as I'm gay and prone to allying.

Although they do serve food at these events, it's not dinner food, and I wasn't yet hungry, so I never ended up having dinner. Big error. After a couple glasses of wine, the evening quickly dissolved into mayhem as I scooted along with second-year students to a party, and then to GPSCY, the grad-school bar that has free beer till 10 on Thursday nights. Things got wacky and wild, relatively speaking, and wound down around midnight or so, although the end-of-the-night details are blurry. (No, I didn't drive.) Eh, it was the last day of classes.

This may sound like the words of a functioning alcoholic trying to justify his behavior, but I do happen to think that these types of occasional evenings are good, even professionally. I met loads of second-year students I hadn't, including a girl who knows people doing what I want to do when I graduate. I'd say that alone is worth the cost of a little embarrassment and a hangover.
The day's getting off to a very slow start, though, and I need to get my head in the game. Exams! Exams!!

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