Friday, October 29, 2010

Three shows in a row

This week has rather reminded me of my old life as an entertainment journalist because I've seen two movies in theaters, and last night attended the opening of a play at the Yale Rep. It was Edward Albee's "A Delicate Balance," quite reminiscent of his "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." I don't know if I've ever seen such an amazing set. The performances were impressive in isolation but seemed a bit mismatched as an ensemble, as if each actor were in a different play. It's a good play but does wear on one after a while; I felt that way about "Virginia Woolf," too.

Yestersday was also the successful execution of a panel I helped coordinate for the Human Capital Club; three consultants from Deloitte came to share their experiences in dealing with human-capital issues and opportunities that arise in M&A deals. It was well-attended -- shy of my ambitious goal of 50, but still solid at 30. It's a bit of an odd feeling to sit in a room somewhat helplessly as an event unfolds that you did all you could to coordinate properly but whose value is still left up to chance. But I'm very pleased. It was a great discussion and good event-planning experience for me. Plus it gave me another chance to plug the Human Capital Club, which my friend Erika and I are founding this year.

Today I hit the gym and have been highly productive, attached to my computer and trying to take care of the small mountain of tasks that piled up during the week (while I was apparently busy being an audience member). Now it's off to the barber and to pick up some dry cleaning so that I can look my spiffiest as I head into next week's wringer of job interviews in New York.

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