Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Something is fishy

Tasks I perform in the kitchen have become stress-relievers to which I look forward. Cooking breakfast, cooking dinner, doing dishes, cleaning up ... These are activities I can get behind, because they remove me from the worries and concerns of interview prep, club-leadership business, courses and whatever else occupies my mind. They also remind me of pleasant, simpler times.

Also relieving a bit of stress is Ophelia, my roommate's cat. It's taken her long enough, but she's warmed up to me, coming to cuddle on the couch and engaging in chit-chat. It may not hurt that I made fish for dinner, and puddy cats love fishes. I also made baked sweet potato, sauteed asparagus and a big ol' salad with alfalfa sprouts, raspberries and blue cheese crumbles. I wonder if, before now, I've ever typed the word alfalfa.

Because I like to cook and clean, I probably won't hire help of that nature after I complete my MBA and become immediately filthy rich, since that's what happens and stuff. What will I spend my money on then? Fancy cars? Exotic vacations? The answer is probably student loans, taxes and rent. Sexy.

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