Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apple-picking and second class-wide spam

This afternoon I accompanied some first-year students on an apple-picking outing at Bishop's Orchards, a massive bucolic expanse with a suprisingly wide variety of apples. (Background information: Among my many activities this year, I am a second-year advisor, or SYA, which means I help organize a seminar/class series for first-years called the Leadership Development Program, or LDP. To assist in their bonding outside of school, I arranged this outing.)

Anyway, I came away with some fantastic apples that I quickly gave away to some of my classmates with whom I met this afternoon to prepare for our consulting interviews tomorrow. There are five of us up for these full-time positions, although I don't know how many people they will take; they took two last year. Every practice case helps stamp out the butterflies. It's going to be a killer day tomorrow -- gym, class, two interviews, conducting an admissions interview for a prospective student, and two group write-up meetings.

Meanwhile, I just sent my second-ever class-wide spam, urging people to come to a panel I'm helping organize this Thursday about human capital, M&A and the pharmaceutical industry. It always makes me nervous to send such things because I worry I'll make a typo. Sure enough, I did. Sigh. I do try.

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