Saturday, October 9, 2010

You win some, I've heard

I made an original observation today: You win some, you lose some. Yesterday I lost more than once. First, BCG decided "not to undertake employment opportunities" with me (i.e. "buzz off"). This was neither a surprise nor a particular disappointment, although I might have been flattered had they at least wanted to interview me. Then, in the evening came the far more fun form of losing -- at the hands of friends, as part of a delightful game night with several of my neighbors. There was a great deal of laughter.

Today I set myself up for more yet-to-be-determined wins or losses -- preparing with classmates for a case competition at Reaching Out (national LGBT MBA conference) in L.A. next week, and then working on another cover letter ... for a position, I might be so bold to say, in which I am highly interested, and somewhat optimistic. I will know whether I've "won" the first round of this new game in a couple weeks.

I made this observation last year, but it takes quite a bit of core confidence to go through the many rejections and setback one endures at school. There are, of course, rejections and setbacks even outside of school. But I think there are more here. But it's nice to know that, through it all I can still make a ridiculous and unimportant video. 

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