Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Free flyin'

The film I saw Sunday for my Theory of Media class was shot in 1929 and captured everyday life. This life included old-time automobiles as well as horse-drawn carriages. And it made me wonder: Why, in our push to be eco-friendly, does no one advocate the return of the horse-drawn carriage? It uses no gas, and it's cheaper than a car. Come on, people. Look to the past for answers.

The horse above is Rodney, the unofficial mascot of the Yale School of Mangagement. I was only half paying attention, but I think what really happened is that a guy in our class brought him into school about a year ago and declared him the mascot. He's more or less been there ever since. I took this picture of him this afternoon; he's admiring the Yale Cup, which appears to be a trophy of some kind. (Sometimes I think I'm not adequately connected to my school and its various traditions...)

Continuing on the horse-drawn-carriage theme of travel, this weekend I will be enjoying another old-fashioned form of transport, the train, as I go into New York to visit friends. I think. The plan seemed a lot more possible before I got thrown two somewhat last-minute assignments. Now I'm not sure it's going to be possible, unless I commit about half my time in New York to working. Thanks to my still-going membership at the Yale Club, which has a library, this might not be such a crazy proposition.

And, closing out this travel theme, I was delighted to learn today that I won a round-trip ticket on American Airlines, good for the next year to any destination in the U.S., Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean! Pretty cool, eh? I entered the drawing when I booked my tickets to Reaching Out, the LGBT MBA conference in L.A. later this month. Maybe I'm the only one who entered. Regardless, I won.

That makes me a winner. It's about time.

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