Monday, August 23, 2010

Yoda for Halloween

I just returned from another enjoyable visit to see my nephews and their parents. The younger one, who's 4, loves to make (and especially watch) little movies on my iPhone. Whenever I pull out the phone, he begs to see all the old footage I've ever taken of him. Today he bought a new Star Wars figure to add to his collection, so I decided to conduct an exclusive interview. Enjoy.

I was never a Star Wars fan, but that's not surprising given that I'm generally not a fan of much in the way of movies and TV shows. That's become so true on television that my roommate and I have cut the cord. The cable man comes tomorrow to pick up our box. We're going to be saving about $80 a month (because we're now going in on Internet with a neighbor). I'll be curious to see if and how much I miss TV. But, really, there are just no shows I'm following, and there are always more constructive things I could be doing.

Tomorrow also marks the first day of TA-ing Careers, a class for first-year students. I'll be monitoring participation, along with another TA (so, theoretically, that's about 30 students for each of us). I think it will be fun to sort of re-audit the class, which is about professional development. I still need me some of that.

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