Friday, August 13, 2010

The last commute

2 pump classic iced coffee I don't know if I'm a terribly nostalgic person, but I find it interesting that as I move from place to place (and I have done so many times), I settle into various routines, then uproot myself and really never think about those routines again. But I will use a bit of space here to remind my future self that for 11 weeks in the summer 2010, almost every morning, I walked from my Sunnyside, Queens, apartment toward the 7 train and, right before going up the stairs, would stop and have a venti two-pump classic iced coffee. So very routine was this, in fact, that I would have two dimes and a penny on hand, as the price came to $3.21. (Wait just a cotton-picking minute. Does that mean I spent $176.55 on two-pump classic iced coffees this summer? Wow. Forget nostalgia -- I just realized I'm an idiot.)

Three of the 10 business interns said farewell today; the rest of us wrap up next week. My last day is a week from today. But we celebrated the occasion with a great lunch at a placed called Ovest Pizzoteca. Far better than any of the "famous" pizza they serve up in New Haven. Blech.

And, speaking of The Have, I'm back in it. It's a beautiful night for open windows, and I hope to get some solid sleep so that I'm all refreshed when I wake up tomorrow at Five. O. Clock. In. The. Morning. It's the annual strategic planning meeting for CABO, the gay-and-lesbian chamber of commerce whose board I'm on. And it's at Foxwoods Casino because a fellow board member works there and offered the space. Why it starts at 7:15 is beyond me, frankly. Er, um, I mean I'm thrilled to help? The casino aspect sounds potentially fun, but I do not intend to enjoy gambling or other amenities. I'll be all business.

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  1. I'm still giggling over the "Wait just a cotton-picking minute" line. I can hear your voice saying that and I love it. LOVE it, I tell you.