Saturday, August 7, 2010

Healing through the power of sloth

Ophelia briefly says hello. Since arriving in New Haven on Thursday, I have behaved in a lazier fashion than I have in eons, using my strep throat to justify eating ice cream and drifting into and out of consciousness in front of the TV for two solid days. It would have been the best time of my whole life if I hadn't also felt so miserable.

Meanwhile, look who came out from under various pieces of furniture and sheets to visit? It's Ophelia, my new roommate's kitty cat. She's barely shown her pretty little face since I arrived, probably because she's still getting accustomed to these unfamiliar surroundings.

I feel better. There's a discomfort when I swallow, but it's nothing compared to the agony of a couple days ago. I reckon the Azithromycin tablets are doing the real work, but I also hope that this incredible rest has let my body focus on the healing process. I cured myself through the power of doing absolutely nothing. Never underestimate it.

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