Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adoring devices

John sleeps.I've noticed that New Yorkers are attached to their devices. Especially at night, it's hard to miss that a majority of train riders are fixated on portable electronics, be it a phone or music player or what have you. I'm no different. If my iPod hasn't yet run out of juice, I'm using it, likely. By quite late, though, it's not rare that my phone is dead, and that I'm creating my own games and songs in my mind. Shameful.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that these devices may keep us from interacting personally, but I try not to make that the case. Hence going out to lunch yesterday, to ice cream at 3, to meet a fellow for a drink at 6, and to meet another fellow for dinner at 8. That's lots of socializing, for an introvert.

Meanwhile, meaningful and unexpected adventures are unfolding back in New Haven. I've spent the past year in a two-bedroom apartment, with a couple occupying the other room. They've moved out, and my new roommate moved in a few days ago. When I asked whether all was well, she replied that it was, and mentioned particular excitement over having discovered access to the cool area on the roof. "The roof?" I asked. Apparently there's a staircase in the hallway that leads to an area on the roof that's nice enough that we could have enjoyable small parties. I had no idea, and neither did my previous roommates. Meanwhile, until I see it, I can enjoy this video.

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