Sunday, August 15, 2010

Haven is a place on earth

Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee, from Tim Burton's horrible reconfiguring of Alice in Wonderland Yesterday began with an early drive through foggy roads to the beautiful Foxwoods Resort Casino, where CABO had its annual strategic board meeting. The typical board positions are three-year commitments, but they have a year-long position designated for a student. Foxwoods on SaturdayI've been on since the spring. It's been a neat opportunity to learn more about the case for such an organization, and to meet a lot of LGBT business owners, although the timing has somewhat stunted my level of involvement. By the time I was really figuring out what's going on, I left for New York for the summer. Now that I'm almost back, I definitely want to get re-involved, although realistically I'm aware I need to draw some lands in the sand because I've overcommitted myself for fall.

To that end, I'm considering dropping one of my five quant-heavy electives in lieu of a media studies class at the film school, so that I don't get overloaded in problem sets. Second-year SOM students are allowed to any class at any school, in theory, although I don't know the procedure for doing so. But it's something I think I should take advantage of while I have the chance, as long as it's not to the detriment of my business learnings.

Yesterday evening, my friend Carolyn and I were unable to pursue our plans to dine at C.O. Jones due to a fire at the restaurant, so we had beers and ate disappointing chili at J.P. Dempsey's -- too sweet; tasted like barbecue sauce. We then headed to nearby East Rock Park to meet up with my friend Dave and watch an outdoor screening of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which was dreadful. However, despite bad chili and bad movie, it was a fantastic evening, thanks to what I feel confident in saying was perfect weather, and good company.

This movie-in-the-park event is put on by a neighborhood association called SoHu, which stands for South of Humphrey, thereby representing the southern part of East Rock that one might consider a bit gritty. I live one street north of Humphrey. Anyway, the movies are voted upon and organized by this group. I have been sort of down on East Rock lately, but it does have its charms, really. It has pretty nice houses and is joggable and bikeable, with a couple neat markets. I just wish a guy could get a decent bowl of chili.

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