Monday, August 2, 2010

The thanks I get

Matt at 230 Fifth An absolutely amazing lamb burger and fries at The Breslin -- quite seriously one of the best burgers I've ever had, and I'm almost certain the very best fries -- was followed by an absolutely amazing cocktail at 230 Fifth. Not bad for a Monday night. I explored these places with my new friend Matt, the former boss of a current fellow intern.

When I got back to Sunnyside, I had the strangest feeling. After nine weeks of being very responsible about moving my car before the deadlines on the various signs, I thought, "Wait a minute ... was I supposed to move my car this morning? Or did I park on a Wednesday street? And where IS my car?" It was the first time I could not remember exactly where I parked. And that's strange, because I parked stone sober in broad daylight on Saturday, after coming back from a friend's house in Scarsdale. No excuse.

I hate rules.After strolling up and down a few streets, I spotted it and was aghast at the sticker on a rear window labeling me a delinquent. I mean, after all I do for this world -- studying business at like a totally super-hard school, working tirelessly at a nonprofit that just wants to inform people of what's going on ... I mean, I send money to a girl in Senegal, for Christ's sake (literally). And this is the thanks I get?? I used a money clip to scrape it off, and I think I may have screwed up my window. Ugh. Will someone please steal my car already??

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