Friday, April 23, 2010

Passing gay torches

John Rooney, a second-year homosexual, socializes alongside Michael Gannon, a first-year homosexual. This weekend is "Bulldog Days," which is the new name for Welcome Weekend, a series of orientation-type events for admitted students. Some of those students have not yet decided to enroll at Yale, but most have.

I didn't go to Welcome Weekend last year because I was accepted into the school on April 8, and the event was maybe two weeks later, and I was 1,600 miles away and totally poor. About half the class goes to Welcome Weekend. To be honest, I rarely heard anyone during orientation mention Welcome Weekend except to say, perhaps, that that was where they met their roommate. In other words, it didn't seem to me that half my classmates had sealed some lifelong bonds during Welcome Weekend.

This year, I'm somewhat involved in the other side of Bulldog Days. As one of the two co-leaders of Q+ (the LGBT club at SOM), I'm helping man a table at the Club Fair, then immediately acting as something of a chaperone to a group of students during a scavenger hunt. When I was roped into this (almost literally, in fact), I thought the list of items would be restricted to the campus, which would be easy for me to help with since I give tours every week. Turns out the list also includes things downtown and elsewhere in the city. Hope I don't get everyone hopelessly lost because I am awful with directions.

Tonight there's a big party at GPSCY, the grad-school bar, for the classes of 2010, '11 and '12, which apparently is a really fun event because it's the only time the three groups are really together in a social setting, ever. Oh, I also have two job interviews this morning. Kind of buried the lead there.

Anyway, it's really hitting everyone, I think, that the school year is ending in a couple weeks. More reflection on that is bound to come, but for now, I gotta get ready for these interviews. I am very much looking forward to the day -- soon, I hope -- when I can post about the internship I've finally accepted. Right now I've got about five or six irons in the fire, some hotter than others, and a rather solid opinion about my feelings about those irons. I cannot elaborate just yet, of course.

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