Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nut-nut-nut nothin' on you, baby

Today was just beautiful, and when that happens, one sits under a tree and listens to B.o.B.

I had a great morning. I met with a group I hadn't worked with before to discuss a presentation we're giving in ILP (Integrated Leadership Perspective, a class I have) next Tuesday. It was well-run, everyone was prepared, we had a specific agenda, we followed it, and we got out of there in the time allowed. Couldn't ask for more.

Now I'm spending the afternoon doing some non-academic work that's been building up, for two student clubs over which I'll be co-presiding, as well as a totally non-SOM related activity, being on the board of CABO (Connecticut Alliance for Business Opportunities ... man, I love acronyms). That's one of those obligations that's going to be totally what I make of it, and I'd like to make something of it, which means blocking off a few hours today to make my way through quite a stack of tasks.

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