Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime in New Haven

One time when I was teaching at KinderCare (summer '98), I shared a fact about a flower with a 5-year-old who, being smarter than I, replied, "Oh! Do you know a lot about botany?"

The answer is no, I don't, but I still think springtime is pretty around New Haven. Fall and spring. Both great. The other two, pretty damn awful.

It's another busy week, but I'm realizing that's just the constant state of affairs and no longer worth mentioning. I will say that as generous as my loans have been, I am in a bit of a panic about making it to the end of the school year without whipping out the ol' credit card, especially when I seem to be increasingly going out to dinner and lunch as part of that busy-ness. People like to meet over a meal, you see.

My mild panic is further enhanced by my still lack-of-job for the summer, although there are a few opportunities out there about which I feel pretty good, and second-years assure me repeatedly that I needn't worry; especially in the media & entertainment industry, a lot of internships are found in May.

That said, who can truly panic with weather like this? Just go sit under a tree and sip on a Sierra Mist, I say.

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