Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time warp in the park

It was just so beautiful today, my friend Dave and I went for a rather long walk/hike through the woods of East Rock Park, something I've been doing more often recently and wish I'd done last fall. If I had my wits about me, that's where I'd go running each morning, but no such wits.

And we ran into this fine gentleman who, like many other fine ladies and gentleman, appeared to prefer retro attire and armament. He was happy to let me take his picture, so I suspect he's not a time-traveling spy.

Last night, my dear friend Mike threw what turned out to be a wonderfully executed party for Q+ members, allies and recently admitted students. And I helped! This was followed by what was supposedly the most fun party of the year at GPSCY, but after helping Mike tidy up I was too tired to go. That's been happening to me a lot lately -- conking out like a loser before 11. Maybe the issue is that I wake up at 6 a.m., or that I'm introverted and therefore find social situations draining. Or that I'm old and lame.

(Yawn) I need a nap.

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