Friday, January 15, 2010

Why I bought an iPhone

iPhone Today I bought an iPhone, which I cannot afford. Thanks to having to buy international plane tickets -- to New Zealand and Australia -- I am cash-strapped. But I bought it anyway. Here are seven reasons.

1. This morning I was invited to interview with Apple. I should probably have an iPhone in case I'm asked to whip out my mobile thingy. The interview is Tuesday.

2. I hate my phone. It is junk. The screen is broken. The buttons stick. Yet it's not that old.

3. I hate my service. T-Mobile is awful, especially in Florida. I can't get service anywhere.

4. I consistently rely on other people's iPhones. Lost? Ask whoever's got an iPhone. Need to hop on to see who played who in whatever movie? Ask the iPhone person. Need to find a place to eat? The iPhone guy will know. Why aren't I an iPhone person?

5. I keep missing important e-mails. At SOM, people communicate by e-mail like they're texting, and if you don't have quick and easy access, you're bound to miss a critical meeting or fun activity. Now, to check e-mail, I need to power up the Dell laptop, and that's time-consuming and cumbersome.

6. I feel better about myself when I'm more like others.

7. According to Matt Sturdevant: "You can do everything with that iPhone."

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