Thursday, January 14, 2010

Places in the news: Haiti, Australia, Mars


Because I attend a school with a sizeable contingent of nonprofit-focused students, I am endorsing this organization as one to which you can donate money, which you should do right away. The person operating this aid organization is a friend of a classmate. They particularly target rural areas, which are often neglected by aid groups. (I hear you can also text HAITI to 90999 and apparently donate $10 automatically via the Red Cross.)

In other news, I have purchased my tickets to New Zealand and Australia! I am excited. The New Zealand portion is not school-related; I'm just going there with about four or five classmates to enjoy part of our spring break before the school-related "international experience" trip begins. We have a meeting about our trips tonight, so I may have more info to share.

And today is the big day -- an interview with Mars for their summer marketing internship program! If nothing else, I hope to get a nice load of candy out of it.

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