Thursday, January 21, 2010

SOM picks new dean

I love my new iPhone, and one of the benefits, I hope, is that I'll stop being the last to know everything.

Case in point: I sprinted into class yesterday to find everyone abuzz about SOM's pick of a new dean. (Read more here.) Our professor happened to have led the search committee, so we spent a good portion of the class discussing the new dean. His name is Ted Snyder, and he was most recently the dean of the business school at the University of Chicago, my brother and sister-in-law's alma mater (for a PhD in Economics) and an institution representative of what's called an efficient view of markets, a view decidedly not shared by the most esteemed finance faculty at SOM. Naturally that makes the choice either puzzling or worrisome to those who care about such things, although I'm not sure a person, especially since Mr. Snyder does not join our Yale community until summer 2011, just after I've graduated. (My class also gets the dubious distinction of barely missing out on the new building for the business school, which is supposed to be spectacular ... Whoops.) Our current dean, Sharon Oster (who was also my microeconomics professor) will stay dean an extra year until Mr. Snyder arrives.

Did I mention the part where I love my phone?

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