Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anyone for squash?

Squash court at the Payne Whitney Gymnasium Yale's gym, called the Payne Whitney Gymnasium, is really something -- the second-largest gym in the world, although the dude at the front desk swears the Russians are lying. What doesn't this gym have? There are squash courts (pictured), pools to practice rowing, fencing areas, a basketball court, tracks, pools to not practice rowing, just about anything you can name. Oh, except a tennis court. Looks like Matt and I will have to head to the Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center next time. It's the fourth-largest tennis center in the world!

Our dead-end led us to decide we should do the opposite of exercise, which is eat hot dogs and ice cream. After that, we checked out the inside of The Whale, the ice rink, where we will be in a couple weeks for the Yale-Dartmouth game, as Matt is an alumnus of the latter. Happily, people were enjoying themselves.

The WhaleAnd back to work I go.

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