Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snickerdoodles and tennis

Not-yet-baked Snickerdoodles It might turn out that I am taking a more balanced approach this quarter between life and school, as is evidenced this weekend by too much time spent playing new games on my iPhone, making Snickerdoodles for a dinner party (I recommend the recipe), attending said party, and, I hope, playing tennis with my roommate Matt today. Between these activities I am indeed reading cases and fiddling around with spreadsheets and so forth, but this quarter I'm really not interested in sequestering myself for 72 hours at a time with my nose buried in a glowing screen or a course pack, even though I like the subjects just fine.

I think two factors are at work. One is that a semester has passed, and we're all familiar with what it takes to get by. But maybe more important is that it's recruiting time, and it's becoming a bit more obvious that, ultimately, getting work is the No. 1 point of being here. There are, of course, other important reasons to be here, like to learn, but when all is said and done, leaving with a bunch of neat knowledge and no job is a deeply stupid idea, because being here is mad expensive.

Anyway, these are my thoughts of the moment. I wouldn't tattoo them to my face. Then again, I wouldn't tattoo anything on my face, except maybe a to-scale tattoo of Brad Pitt's face. Ooh, business idea.

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