Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The juice (and appetizers) is loose

Cranberry juice is distributed in The Operations Engine at Yale SOM. Today I got some free things, which is wonderful for grad students on a budget. The first was more ceremonial than substantive, but nevertheless appreciated. In our Operations Engine class we all split into groups to tackle a notoriously complex case about a cranberry plant, and in the spirit of tradition, our professor, Arthur Swersey, had cranberry juice on hand for the discussion. A very nice gesture.

At the end of the day, I met up with three friends for a happy hour at The Taft, a downtown eatery and drinkery that had $2 draught beers and quite a nice spread of scrumptious lagniappes -- bruschetta, frittata, meatballs, pizza. Enough for a nice little meal, and all free. One of my companions is apparently privy to the best places to score free happy hour goodies, so I am going to follow her around more often and take advantage. A boy has to eat.

Meanwhile, I am soon going to put my rarely applied piano experience to use as I accompany one (or two) classmates as they sing at an upcoming SOM-wide talent show. These can be slightly high-pressure situations, but I think I am up to the challenge (i.e. I have what looks to be a pretty free weekend.) That's the kind of thing I think one should do while in school; it's not as if the real world is full of opportunities to participate in talent shows!

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